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На русском языке: Белшина создала прокладку для обхода санкций?
На беларускай мове: Белшына стварыла пракладку для абыходу санкцый?

UAB Beltyre, the dealer of Belshina company in Lithuania, began to send its customers new details to pay for the products ordered by them.

In the letter, which was at the disposal of the editorial staff, a different address and a different registration number than that of the company Beltyre is indicated, but the signature belongs to Alexey Shatenkov, the Director of Beltyre.

Письмо, которое Шатенков отправил покупателю — компании Suplay Inc.

After a little research it turned out that according to the details specified in the letter there is a company UAB Valego registered 5 months ago. Curiously, the contact number of the new company coincides with the number assigned to the company Beltyre. On the website of Belshina it is indicated that this number belongs to Alexey Shatenkov, the director of Beltyre mentioned above.

Номер компании Valego — номер Алексея Шатенкова

From other sources, we learned that Mindaugas Mitskevichius is listed as the director of the new company. And the company UAB Valego was registered on March 4, 2021 with an authorized capital of 2,500 euros. On the same day, Mindaugas registers another company UAB Blue Baltic Logistics, but we did not find any connection between the latter and Belshina.

Миндаугас Мицкевичюс зарегистрировал UAB «Valego» 4 марта 2021 г.

The thing is that Mindaugas Mitskevichius is also a director of Contus Solutions, which is engaged in accounting services and registration of companies in Lithuania.

Their website says: «Our people in Vilnius and partially in Kaunas can either sell you an existing CJSC or, in accordance with your wishes, create a CJSC with the desired name».

Миндаугас Мицкевичюс — директор Contus Solutions

Simply put, this company is engaged in the registration of any companies on its director Mindaugas Mitskevichius, the address of the «new» is also always the same — Vilnius, St. Ramybės, 4, apt. 70. This is the address of Contus Solutions, UAB Valego and a dozen different companies that they register for themselves.

Thus, we have a reason to assume that Belshina turned to these people to create a company in Lithuania to circumvent sanctions. Now money passes through the new company, since it will not be possible to transfer money directly through an official dealer, because Belshina is under US sanctions.

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