Lukashenka wanted to buy a helicopter for $17 million, but the manufacturer refused

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На русском языке: Лукашенко хотел купить вертолёт за $17 миллионов, но производитель отказался
На беларускай мове: Лукашэнка хацеў купіць верталёт за $17 мільёнаў, але вытворца адмовіўся

The publication of found out that Lukashenka wanted to buy a helicopter worth $17 million. It was produced for Minsk by the French company Airbus, and today, Lukashenka was going to Dubai, probably to look at his new "toy", but the trip was canceled, as, apparently, the helicopter was "canceled" too.

From November 14 to 18, the UAE hosts the Dubai Airshow 2021. The participant of the event is traditionally the aircraft manufacturer Airbus, which is known not only for a wide range of aircraft, but also as a manufacturer of helicopters of various classes. 

This year, the company showed a helicopter Airbus Helicopters H175 at the exhibition. The manufacturer offers several options for finishing the VIP-salon for six to eight passengers: the first is inspired by modern sports cars, the second embodies French chic, and the third — the classic design of European villas. Photos of this helicopter are published on the official website of the aircraft manufacturer. The estimated cost of the new H175 is about $17 million.  

Lukashenka wanted to buy a helicopter for $17 million, but the manufacturer refused

Airbus exposition at Dubai Airshow, 2021 / L.Borrel

In addition, Airbus also publishes video-diaries from the exhibition. In the latest video, which was published on November 16, you can take a closer look at the presented H175.
«The red and green stripes are already there, it seems that you only need to add the coat of arms and you get the government helicopter of the Republic of Belarus» ,– we thought.

Lukashenka wanted to buy a helicopter for $17 million, but the manufacturer refused

Footage from the video-diary of Airbus at «Dubai Airshow 2021» / Airbus

We only had to search a little, as it turned out that this Airbus Helicopter H175 with the temporary tail number G-NHVA / F-WWOF was on test examinations in the vicinity of French Marseille, August 26, 2020. But the most interesting thing is that the photographer under the nickname Icare spotter took a picture of it and signed as «Airbus Helicopter H175. Belarus government». And now pay attention to the colors and the inscription «Belarus».

Lukashenka wanted to buy a helicopter for $17 million, but the manufacturer refused

Airbus Helicopter H175 in the official coloring of the Republic of Belarus at the examinations in France, August 26,2020 / Icare spotter

Thus, on the basis of the information received, we can say that in August 2020 Lukashenka was going to buy a helicopter of the French company Airbus worth $17 million for «governmental needs». It can be assumed that an advance payment was already made for the board, otherwise there would have been no livery of official Minsk on it. By the way, Lukashenka already has one helicopter that is comparable in comfort — AgustaWestland AW139 with tail number EW-001PH worth about $10 million. But it seems like one wasn’t enough for him.

So will Lukashenka get an Airbus Helicopter H175 in his fleet and why did the inscription «Belarus» on the board and the ornament on the tail part disappear? According to the information received by, today Lukashenka and his family were supposed to fly to Dubai. However, the flight was canceled. According to visitors to the exhibition, Airbus had to abandon the deal and hastily repaint the board in search of a new buyer. 

We only have to find out what will now happen to this board and to whom the company is going to return the prepayment. We suggest that you address these questions to the helicopter division of Airbus – Airbus Helicopters. You can ask them in: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and directly on the company’s website.

Answers of the aircraft manufacturer, additional information about the fleet of a person who illegally holds into power, about the deal with Airbus and any other details about aviation not only of Lukashenka, but also of the whole Belarus — please send to @motolko_bot


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