Map of events at the Belarusian-Polish border is published on Twitter

Rafał Biszcz
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На русском языке: В Twitter опубликовали карту событий на беларусско-польской границе
На беларускай мове: У Twitter апублікавалі мапу падзей на беларуска-польскай мяжы

User Rafał Biszcz analyzed the latest news and photos from the Belarusian-Polish border and compiled on their basis a map of events with reference to the area where they took place. Here are the conclusions he has drawn.

Map of events at the Belarusian-Polish border is published on Twitter

1. «The migrants were taken by taxi to the area of the Belarusneft gas station and continued their way on foot towards the border crossing».

2. «They were stopped by armed men on the approach to the checkpoint and were not allowed to pass through the border crossing. They pushed the migrants off the road into the nearby forest».

3. «Migrants were led by the Belarusian side along the corridor prepared in advance across the line of the internal fence. At the moment, when the Kremlin media Sputnik reported that the Polish border was violated, it was worth paying attention to the fact that there are two fences: internal (a) and external (b)». Yesterday we confirmed that the information about the transition was fake.

4. «Some migrants managed to reach the border crossing point. The reaction of the Belarusian forces was quick – they deployed more people and blocked the gates, preventing migrants from reaching the only legal pass to Poland.».

5. «Most of the migrants were pushed towards the Polish border. At first, they didn’t want to attack the fence«.

6. «Therefore, Lukashenko’s forces sent undercover soldiers to inspire the crowd. Here we can see the same man with scissors and a military shovel».

7. «Polish troops were well prepared and prevented all invasions. When the migrants realized that they would not be able to cross the border by force, some of them tried to return, but the Belarusian forces began to shoot into the air, entrapping these unfortunates».

Yesterday, Belarusian border guards led a column of Kurdish migrants to the border with Poland. Armed security forces blocked the road to the border crossing and pushed the migrants into the forest, from where unknown people with the help of axes and pliers began to break the fence at the border with Poland. What is happening today on the Belarusian-Polish border, read in our online broadcast.

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