Interfax: Belarus stops supplying oil to Germany via Druzhba pipeline

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На русском языке: Интерфакс: Беларусь перестала поставлять в Германию нефть по «Дружбе»
На беларускай мове: Інтэрфакс: Беларусь спыніла пастаўкі нафты ў Германію па «Дружбе»

The publication «Interfax» with reference to Russian statistics reports that Belarus has not supplied oil to Germany through the Druzhba oil pipeline since December.

According to the export schedule, oil supplies from Belarus to Germany via Druzhba should reach 151.6 thousand tons in December. However, according to statistics, as of December 7, oil has not been exported this month. In total, the supply plan for the IV quarter provided for the export of 450 thousand tons of oil from Belarus to Germany, and the actual volume of supplies amounted to 289.3 thousand tons, or 87% of the schedule.

It is should be noted that Belorusneft, which has been included in the 5th package of  the EU sanctions, is engaged in oil exports from Belarus.

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