Opinion. Telegram channel «Narodny deputat»: «What if it’s the opposite?»

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На русском языке: Мнение. Телеграм-канал «Народны дэпутат»: «А если наоборот?»
На беларускай мове: Меркаванне. Тэлеграм-канал «Народны дэпутат»: «А калі наадварот?»

The Telegram channel «Narodny Deputat» published a post about what is happening in Belarus, how it could be «the opposite way» and why no one will defend the regime when it will fall. We publish the post unchanged.

«What if it’s the opposite? Imagine that the newspaper SB — Belarus Today, the emblem of STV TV channel were recognized as extremist? What if former colonels and generals were searched and their houses were destroyed, seizing everything valuable? What about when a teacher or IT specialist is arrested and sentenced to 15 days of arrest for putting a red-green flag on his car? And if it’s not only impossible to verify legality of all this, but also to appeal? And where to run, except Russia, when there’re criminal cases waiting for you in Belarus for supporting Lukashenka?

This phantasmagoria of present-day realities makes us wonder even more about what a man can do when he has lost a lot and has no opportunity to achieve justice and the rule of law.

By destroying everything alternative, beyond its control and critical of it, authorities may get to the point where the concentration of human hatred, resentment, feelings of injustice and desire for revenge at the window of opportunity will flow out to officials, security forces, propaganda, symbols, customs and everything that is connected to the government.

What if the right to interpret such legal concepts as «social discord» and «dignity,» the incitement and harassment of which are monopolistically interpreted by the authorities, were to pass to other authorities? Not necessarily to the current opposition.

Imagine that «social discord» will be interpreted not by, for example, Maksim Znak, though he suffered from the authorities and has dignity and understanding of legal objectivity, but by the new Lenin or the Belarusian Che Guevara?
«…to shoot conspirators and hesitaters, not asking anyone or allowing idiotic red tape…» August 22, 1918 (Lenin).

I can see from my «non-Kremlin tower» that no one will stand up to defend the government, and this is very similar to the collapse of the USSR, when neither the army, nor the nomenclature, nor the people came out to defend the Soviet state and its power. Because they were fed up.

And this is despite the fact that after 2020, Belarus is experiencing a fading governance with attempts of mobilization ‘pumping’. They must. Promptly. Run. Must. Everything and everywhere. Secure. It seems to me that the limit of tightening the screws is visible, for example, in the agriculture: if in the Brest region the visits of officials to the field, inspections and reports are perceived more restrained, in the Vitebsk region nervousness and conflicts, sustained by all these modernizations, Orsha and other projects, can be seen with the naked eye. The manager hid one defective harvester, the prosecutor’s office found it, and immediately there’s a violation of state accounting, concealment, and criminal proceedings.

I don’t know where the limit of the spring is. People are tired, but scythes can still feel the trembling of a man’s hand. There is a reserve, but it is not clear at what point this hand will stop trembling.

Sincerely, Narodny Deputat

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