Merkel and Lukashenka discussed the situation with migrants at the border by phone / Cüneyt Karadağ, Ekip, Elmira Akbarova
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На русском языке: Меркель и Лукашенко обсудили по телефону ситуацию с мигрантами на границе

Acting German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke with Lukashenka about the situation at the border between Belarus and the European Union. The need to provide humanitarian assistance to refugees and migrants was discussed. The conversation lasted 50 minutes. The parties agreed to continue the dialogue on these issues.

This is the first telephone conversation between Lukashenka and the leader of a Western country after the 2020 presidential election, the official results of which are not recognized by the West.

Here’s how Heiko Maas, German Minister of Foreign Affairs, commented on the incident:

«We would like them (Minsk) to make concessions. If that were the case, we would certainly have discussions within the EU on how to proceed. But otherwise, this doesn’t change the fact that we have a clear position – it’s important not only how Lukashenka treats refugees, but also how he treats his own population. However, if there are appropriate signals, we will take them into account. Currently, I hear only words from Minsk, but I don’t see any actions at the Polish-Belarusian border»,– Heiko Maas said.

As for Lukashenka, he didn’t disclose the details of the conversation with Merkel, referring to the agreement of the parties. But he said that he «made proposals for the resolution of the situation«, and Angela Merkel took a pause to discuss them with the EU members. Then there should be another telephone conversation between the parties.

«There can be no complaints against us. We are doing everything to protect these people. The most dangerous thing is an attempt to throw weapons into this camp. We are diverting colossal forces to prevent this»,– BelTA reports Lukashenka’s words about yesterday’s conversation with Merkel.

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