Russian aviation again attacked Ukraine from the territory of Belarus. Analysis
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На русском языке: Российская авиация вновь обстреляла Украину с территории Беларуси. Анализ.
На беларускай мове: Расійская авіяцыя зноў абстраляла Украіну з тэрыторыі Беларусі. Аналіз.

In the evening of August 28, Russian aircraft entered the Belarusian airspace from Russia and launched missiles against Ukraine from the territory of Belarus. At 19:14, at least 5 Russian Aerospace Forces’ aircraft, including Tu-22M bombers, flew over Mstislaul (Mahiliou region) from Russia.

Then the aircraft flew over Rahachou (Homel region) and the Aktsiabrski district (Homel region).

The first launch was detected at 19:29 in the Aktsiabrski district (Homel region) to the southwest. After that the aircraft immediately turned in the direction of Mahiliou.Further missile launches were recorded at:

  • 19:32 over the Petrykau district (Homel region);
  • 19:35 over the Aktsiabrski district;
  • 19:38 over the Petrykau district.

The sounds of missile launches were also heard over Turau and Mazyr. In total, from 19:29 to 19:39, at least 5 missiles were launched.

It was also reported that from 19:38 to 19:40, sounds of 5 explosions or missile launches were heard over Mikashevichy, Luninets and Stolin. Most likely, these were the sounds of missiles that had been launched earlier, but a second missile launch is also possible.

From 19:44 to 19:53, about five aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces flew over Mstislaul back to Russia.

It should be noted that explosions from missile strikes were recorded on the territory of Rivne region of Ukraine. According to the available information, some of the missiles were shot down by Ukrainian air defense systems. We’re waiting for official statements.

The Belarusian Hajun Project continues to monitor flights and exercises of the Russian Aerospace Forces on the territory of Belarus.

Russian aviation again attacked Ukraine from the territory of Belarus. Analysis

Attack against Ukraine by the Russian aviation from the territory of Belarus, August 28, 2022 / Belarusian Hajun Project
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