Tanks destroyed the only road to cottages on the territory of a nature reserve near Brest

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На русском языке: Танки разбили единственную дорогу к дачам на территории заказника под Брестом
На беларускай мове: Танкі разбілі адзіную дарогу да дач на тэрыторыі заказніка пад Брэстам

The Brest publication «Virtual Brest» published photos of the only road to the gardeners’ partnership «Dubitsa», 10 km from which there is the military training ground «Brestski», where Belarusian-Russian exercises are now actively held. However, it seems that the drills are taking place not only at the training ground.

«An unpleasant surprise awaited us and all the members of the gardeners’ partnership  «Dubitsa», which is near the white lake near Brest. The only road to the summer houses was destroyed with tanks to the extent that no one could drive through, and there was also the question of removing garbage from the gardeners’ partnership territory. Another tank road passed by the oldest oak tree in the area, which is constantly visited by tourists. We understand that there are mass drills at the training ground now, but if they go beyond the boundaries of the training ground, it would be possible to plan routes so that they do not pass along the only roads to the dachas and villages», – summer residents report.

Tanks destroyed the only road to cottages on the territory of a nature reserve near Brest

The area of "Dubitsa" in the Brest region / Google

However, the broken road is not the only problem. People write in comments that the military leave a lot of garbage in the forest. Moreover, these areas are part of the Prybuhskaye Palessie wildlife area, and the garbage causes direct damage to the reserve’s ecosystem.

«Our defenders of the homeland have made such a mess in Mukhavets around the training ground! You can find anything there…,» the readers write.

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