The head of the Grodno police threatens hundreds of thousands of Belarusians, but with the condition

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Subscribers of telegram channels, which the authorities recognized as extremist, will be brought to justice. We are talking about hundreds of thousands of Belarusian citizens. An exception will be made for the «stupid» and «stumbled». This was announced at a press conference on February 8 by Dmitry Rezenkov, the head of the Internal Affairs Department of the Grodno Regional Executive Committee, Vecherniy Grodno reports.

He repeated the threats that had been made earlier from representatives of the GUBOPiK and the Prosecutor General’s Office, but offered his own interpretation of the recently adopted new legislative norms implying the responsibility of subscribers to resources recognized as extremist formation.

«If a person subscribed to stupid channel, stumbled, he had the opportunity to unsubscribe from it, but he did not do it, but he does not participate in the community, bringing him to justice is not quite right,» the Grodno policeman believes.

Rezenkov proposes to study each case individually.

«No one will make a person guilty without guilt. But if he deliberately, selfishly engaged in this, and even received funds for it, he must be brought to justice,» the colonel threatened.

Active subscribers will be searched and have other troubles.

«As a rule, they have white-red-white symbols in their apartment. In personal correspondence, they write calls to overthrow the current government. These people will definitely be held responsible,» he explained.

In a peculiar way, the head of the Internal Affairs Department sees the right of police officers to arbitrarily search citizens and inspect their phones. For this, in his opinion, only the suspicion of a policeman or person’s appearance is enough.

«No one will do it just like that. But if there are grounds that you have committed an offense, or we have some information about you, or you provoke with your appearance, give a reason, we will definitely inspect,» Dmitry Rezenkov shared his version of understanding the rights of citizens.


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