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На русском языке: На Окрестина не передают передачи. Монологи свидетелей
На беларускай мове: На Акрэсціна не перадаюць перадачы. Маналогі сведак

The stories of people who have been in Criminal Detention centers throughout the country, and especially in Okrestina, continue to shock with details. Overcrowded cells, lack of basic hygiene products and sleeping accessories, weeks without walks and additional days of arrest. And care packages that don’t reach the addressees. The editors of motolko.help collected comments of convicts on administrative articles and their relatives about how things are now with care packages.

«I was in Okrestsina. If suddenly a person is taken away on Wednesday, and the trial is on Friday, and the person will still be in the temporary detention center, there is definitely a need to send a care package on Thursday. It will be taken. They will give it to the person when he/she goes to court, and it can be taken to the temporary detention center. It may not be given full, but something can definitely be taken. The rest depends on the shift. If a person, in principle, then remains in the temporary detention center, they will give the care package. If the trial is on Thursday afternoon, there is a chance that they will have time to give the package.

In the Detention Center, packages are given on the way out. They are trying to force them to sign a document that the package was given on the right day. It will not be given to the cell, the probability is 99 percent. To our cell in the Detention Center only one package was given in May, but then nothing came».

My friend got 17 days of arrest. Two care packages were sent, both were issued on the way out, a little "empty". They did not pass to the political detainees, they took away soap and toothbrushes. They put homeless people and they were defiantly given soap and stuff.

«My husband served 8 days out of 9 (was arrested on  **.11.2020), the trial was in November. Was in Okrestsina from **.06.21 to **.06.21. He came to the police department of the Zavodskoy district with a summons. He was able to take a toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, disinfect and wet wipes with him to the cell. Everything else was taken away, given on the way out. The package from **.06.21 was given on the way out. The cell for 20 people ended up with one toothbrush, two toothpastes and two water bottles».

A friend was released two weeks ago. Served 15 days for a white bracelet and a sticker with the Pogonya on the phone. The first package with warm clothes reached him, the rest were given only in the morning on the day of release.

«A friend was in Okrestina, she was released two weeks ago. Packages, like letters, are not given. Packages are given when you are released, under the signature in some document that you allegedly received everything on time and in full. And they do not give everything that was sent. For example, cigarettes, chocolates and something else disappeared from our packages. If you start to be indignant and refuse to sign, they can take you to the police department, draw up another report and sentence to another 10-15 days. And, of course, you won’t prove anything».

My boyfriend was released from Okrestina on June **. Packages are not given, part of the package is gone. The give it on the way out. No shorts, pants, two pairs of socks and towels, no water and some food. Letters don't reach either. In general, the first package returned, and the second disappeared without a trace.

«I released from Zhodino on May **, there were packages at that time given. But in Okrestina they were not. We were sent to Zhodino and there we have already received the packages. The package in Okrestina was not in full».

A colleague from work released from Okrestina after 13 days of arrest last Sunday. Nothing was given: no letters, no packages.

«I served in May, all the packages were given to me already on the way out and there seemed to be nothing missing. But some were selectively given the package during the imprisonment. We did not find any logic in who and why they gave it to, and who did not. But to those to whom the packages were given, some of the things indicated in the list of package were missing. Apparently they steal».

Our daughter served in April. None of the packages were given. No clothes, not even the most necessary, because they were taken in light home clothes, no food. Everything was returned on the way out. And so is with the other people we've seen around. Although the whole procedure of receiving package is imitated.

«This kind of abuse started back in May. In the Temporary Detention Center at the end of May, a friend was given the package after the trial, 3 days after the package sending day. The next package, which was sent to the Detention Center, was given to her on the way out, 6 bars of chocolate disappeared from it. The other day I was told that they do not give them to the Temporary Detention Center after the trial, everything is only on the way out».

My mom was released a couple of weeks ago after the arrest. Packages do not reach detainees, all are given only on the way out. For 30 days, not a single package, not a single letter, people are not taken to the shower, not taken for a walk.

«In addition, given that they now like to sentence to additional days of arrest and reports (I had it). When the first day ended, I was given the package on the way out that did not reach. They took me to the police department, drew up a new report, returned to Okrestina. And there I was given this package to take, and in the Temporary Detention Center I had it, and in the Detention Center later too.

So it is better to send packages even to the Detention Center. If suddenly a person is not immediately released, then there will be a possibility that they will give it during the «police department — Okrestina» cycle».

I served 15 days in the Okrestina Detention Center. Political detainees get no packages there. My neighbor and I were given them on the way out. I still eat the products given in the package even when I'm at home now. And in general, this is a very accurate description of what is happening in the Detention Center.

«My friend released from Okrestina. Packages are not given to prisoners. Her detention was «planned». Of the things that she took with her, only medicines and the most necessary hygiene products were allowed to be taken. On the way out, everything was returned.

There were 16 of them in a cell for 4 people. They put homeless people there. All the disinfection was pouring with a chlorine solution and that’s all. There was no bed linen and no mattresses. We slept on the floor. The lack of oxygen made everyone dizzy».

The "feed bunk" is opened and it is allowed to sign a list of goods, but the list is closed with a hand so that it is impossible to read. Then the "feed bunk" is closed with the words: "F**k you". And after 5-10 minutes they give the package.

«Okrestina Detention Center. My husband served 20 days in June from ** to **. I sent 2 packages and both were given in full only on the way out. Letters and telegrams were not given. An interesting note: all the cash (thanks God there were only ** rubles, ** kopecks) was withdrawn to pay for the maintenance, even a check was given».

The package was given on the way out with spoiled products. Temporary Detention Center in Nesvizh on Sovetskaya Street, 30.

«Our friend was released a month ago from Okrestina. Two packages were not given to him. They didn’t give it in full. At the same time, homeless people and alcoholics in the cell got the packages».

I was released in early June. Packages are not given to prisoners. They give them on the way out, seems like nothing is lost, even spoiled products are returned.
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