48 Security officers involved in torture at Frunzensky Police Department were found

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На русском языке: Найдены 48 силовиков, причастных к пыткам во Фрунзенском РУВД
На беларускай мове: Знойдзеныя 48 сілавікоў, якія маюць дачыненне да катаванняў у Фрунзенскім РУУС

The team of Black Book of Belarus published the results of a large investigation revealing the names of the officers involved in the torture at the Frunzensky Police Department, Minsk. We remind it was the Police Department that was particularly cruel to the detainees. In August, Belarusians were shocked by a photo from the gym of the police department with a bloodied white-red-white  flag and detainees lying faces down on the floor, later videos of beatings appeared. A year has passed since those events, and the names of 48 involved officers have become public.  

The investigation used a video from the Frunzensky district police department on August 11-12, 2020, which was published by the ByPol team; documents and testimonies provided by victims of police violence; documents provided by the ByPol team and billings of mobile phones of police officers, with the help of which they kept in touch in the consequences of absence of the Internet. Only a part of the analyzed data is given in the description of each employee’s involvement in order to preserve the safety of citizens.

In the video, a girl named Maria, who was at the Frunzensky district police department in August 2020, says that people there were marked with yellow, red and black paint. Detainees with a black mark were beaten the most. Maria says that she was put near the shooting range, where the officers staged an impromptu torture, in front of people laid on the floor, who were beaten by police officers.

"They run, jump on them and filmed it all. When one of the guys was taken to the shower to be filmed, he saw that everything was in blood. And in the morning, as if nothing had happened, an old man and an old woman come there and begin to wash the floor from the blood. There was a moment when we were all sitting exhausted, in dirty clothes, beaten, and they were taking selfies with us behind".

People who were at the Frunzensky Police Department in August recognized the security forces identified by the billings of telephone conversations. Detailed information about the involvement of each can be found in the text of the investigation.

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