Concealment of €5 million and a medal from Lukashenka. Investigation on Belarusian businessman in Lithuania

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На русском языке: Сокрытие €5 млн и медаль от Лукашенко. Расследование о белорусском бизнесмене в Литве
На беларускай мове: Утойванне €5 млн і медаль ад Лукашэнкі. Расследаванне пра беларускага бізнэсоўца ў Літве

The Lithuanian publication posted an investigation into the bankruptcy of the company owned by Vladimir Telpuk, a Belarusian businessman, who in the mid-2000s was close to the authorities in Belarus, and now lives in Lithuania and is accused of concealment of 5 million euros and having ties with Alexander Zaytsev, the pro-governmental businessman. The editors of publish conclusions and information from our sources.

The conqueror of Everest and the creator of Vlate. Brief background

In 2006, Telpuk conquered Everest, and as a reward received a medal «For Courage» from Lukashenka. A year later, he headed Vlate Grupp, the Belarusian construction company, which was managed through a Swiss company with a very similar name Vlate Holding. And it was also involved in a series of scandals with construction in the center of Minsk. Probably, we are talking about the scandal around the construction of an elite residential complex on Zakharov Street, 29a.

Concealment of €5 million and a medal from Lukashenka. Investigation on Belarusian businessman in Lithuania

Vladimir Telpuk discovers the Lithuanian direction in 2010 with the foundation of the company UAB Vlate, and after 2 years the company acquires a luxury cottage on Rudens Street in Vilnius.

What connects Vladimir Telpuk with Zaytsev, the pro-governmental businessman?

In the same 2012, the company Sohra was registered in the cottage Vlate, owned by Alexander Zaytsev, a former assistant to Viktor Lukashenka. Telpuk does not hide his acquaintance with one of the closest businessmen to the authorities of Belarus, but completely denies business cooperation with him.

When asked by journalists how the company with the already familiar name Vlate Logistik turned out to be in Zaytsev’s business empire, Telpuk replied:

"I sold him something, and maybe he also has a company with a similar name. (...) I've never been there, I've never participated in it, and I have nothing to do with it".

And when asked why Zaytsev’s company was registered in the cottage of his company, he said:

"You could just ask me: 'Give me an address to register.' He did, and that's it. And that's the end of it".

Bankruptcy of Vlate: missing cars and evaporated millions

Telpuk was doing well until Vlate suddenly went bankrupt last year. Unpleasant details began to be revealed.

The company Adminova, which is leading the bankruptcy case, said that it did not find the Mercedes car, which was listed on the bankrupt company Vlate. It also turned out that Telpuk hid documents leading to the ownership of a million dollars. And the total amount of assets that are «lost» is more than $5,000,000.

But that’s not all: in the process of bankruptcy, the Cypriot company Diamond Techsnab Limited filed a lawsuit to pay a debt of more than a million euros, which Vlate was supposed to return them back in 2016.

It is worth noting here that Alexander Strelchik, a citizen of Belarus, is the head of Diamond Techsnab Limited.

In a conversation with journalists, Telpuk assured that this money has nothing to do with Zaytsev:

"I can swear on the Bible that they had nothing to do with him", – Telpuk said.

What connects Telpuk with Archpriest Fyodor Povny and businesswoman Florina Polomanna

The editorial office of received additional information about the ties of the Belarusian businessman Vladimir Telpuk with Archpriest Fyodor Khovny and Florina Polomanna through the company Patriarch. This information was confirmed to us by several sources.

"There were difficulties when Telpuk was building houses on Rumyantsev Street. He began to involve Fyodor Povny, the former committeeman, and his friend Florina Polomanna to the solution of the issue. They actively collaborated on real estate and computers. I think, the company Patriarch was called. There were large shipments of computers".

After that, Telpuk became interested in construction on Zakharov Street. To solve problems, some of the apartments were sold to the «right» people. For example, to Konyuk at a price of less than $ 600 per square. When the tax inspectorate of the Tsentralny district made claims for all apartments sold at ridiculous prices, the question was quickly hushed up: the tax office conducted an analysis of prices on the market and agreed with the price of $600 per sq.m. Telpuk emphasizes his decency, piety and ties with the security forces. But he will always take the opportunity not to pay», – said our source.

Little is known about the business projects of Archpriest Fyodor Povny. In addition to the loud construction of the House of Mercy, which is de facto not a budget sanatorium for foreigners, Povny is also associated with the activities of the company Diakonia, created under the Belarusian Exarchate.

Endless consignments of goods went through Diakonia to Belarus. One of the main activities of the company was the import of expensive alcohol and products. At the same time, it enjoyed the tax benefits established for church organizations.

It is known even less about Florina Polomanna on the internet. The woman had Russian citizenship and lived in Minsk. We were told that Florina passed away in the fall of 2019.

Prior to that, in the same 2019, Florina, together with three partners, bought the IT company BESK Complex Solutions LLC, which in the same year was renamed to Philosophy of Programs LLC. (Previously, this company belonged to the Lithuanian UAB Vitela). Talking about the new owners of the company Mechyslaw Kozlovski, Roland Troyan and Alexander Feigelson, Florina said that they are all from Lithuania.

«I’ve known one of them, Alexander Feigelson, for 30 years, he had nothing to do with IT, but seriously engaged in business«, – she said.

In addition, she told journalists that her family owns two office buildings — on Antonovskaya Street, 14A, and on Antonovskaya Street, 14B. As of March 2021, the company «Philosophy of Programs» was in liquidation and had already been excluded from the HTP.

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