Sources: Sheiman is going to Cuba, Africa will be overseen by someone else

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На русском языке: Источники: Шейман отправляется на Кубу, Африкой будет заведовать кто-то другой
На беларускай мове: Крыніцы: Шэйман адпраўляецца на Кубу, Афрыкай будзе кіраваць хтосьці іншы

The editors of received the information that in the near future Viktor Sheiman, the former head of the Directorate of the President and Lukashenka’s closest associate, may be sent to Cuba, where he will oversee Cuban and Venezuelan areas. Previously, Sheiman mostly dealt only with business issues in Africa, but this summer he made a visit to Cuba, where he met with the Cuban Prime Minister, and then accompanied the Venezuelan ambassador to Cuba. The point is that things in Africa are not going as well they would like to. We tell you what facts confirm Victor Sheiman’s imminent departure to the Island of Liberty.

From October 6 to 10, 2021, Adan Chavez Frias, the elder brother of late Hugo Chavez and Special Envoy of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, visited Belarus. It is noteworthy that this visit was hardly covered by independent media, but the readers of noticed several interesting points that need to be paid attention to. 

On October 7, Chavez’s brother held a meeting with Lukashenko, where joint projects in the field of construction, agriculture and industry were discussed. However, it is more interesting for us who was present at this meeting. The official footage clearly shows that none other than Viktor Sheiman was sitting next to Vladimir Makei, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus. After all, one of the point persons for Lukashenko together with Zingman oversees issues on the African continent, what was the purpose of his presence at the meeting with a politician from Latin America?

Sources: Sheiman is going to Cuba, Africa will be overseen by someone else

Viktor Sheiman at the meeting with Adan Chavez, October 7, 2021 / BELTA

Sheiman’s escort does not end there, on October 9, he was next to Chavez during the visit to the Brest Fortress, as Chavez himself posted on Twitter.

Sources: Sheiman is going to Cuba, Africa will be overseen by someone else

Viktor Sheiman with Adan Chavez, October 9, 2021 / Adan_Coromoto

What can be evidenced by Sheiman's presence at the meetings with Latin American politicians? 

According to our information, Victor Sheiman and Alexander Zingman, most likely, will no longer deal with issues in Africa, now someone else will be «responsible for the continent».

«Another candidate has been prepared for the position of the basic curator for the overseers of Africa. Zingman loses ‘entry points’,»-the sources report to

One would think this is related to the publication of the «Pandora Papers», but it’s not. It is reported that Zingman and Sheiman are unable to maintain contacts, and most importantly, projects in Africa.In a number of countries, governments have changed, for example, Hakainde Hitchelema , the opposition leader in Zambia, won the election, and Felix Tsisekedi, the President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is getting closer to Israel intensively. At the end of October, the President of the DRC arrived in Israel for the first time since 1985, where he met with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and President Yitzhak Herzog. In addition, the President of the DRC has signed a number of contracts for the supply of military vehicles, ambulances, motorcycles and, most importantly, locally produced weapons. We recall that Alexander Zingman of Lukashenko’s party was responsible for the sale of weapons to Africa, and it was in the DRC, at the end of March, when he was arrested.

«The main message is that the DRC and Israel are fraternal peoples, and we are ready to cooperate, but on the condition that Israel withdraws its «overseers» Alexander Zingman and Dan Gertler [Zingman’s partner — ed.]. Instead, other people who are not so close to Belarus will work from Israel in Africa,» – the sources report to

So has the «African duet» of Zingman and Sheiman come to an end? We can’t say for sure. But it is worth saying that just today, on November 2, Alexander Zingman’s board with the tail number M-ABEC returned to Minsk from an African tour. Over the past 1.5 months, the board has visited Zimbabwe three times, Tanzania twice, Tunisia, Nigeria, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Mozambique, South Africa and Burkina Faso. And also visited Latvia, Iceland and the USA.

Sources: Sheiman is going to Cuba, Africa will be overseen by someone else

Zingman's flights 15.09 - 02.11 /

As for Sheiman, he is most likely to go to Cuba. Of course, we could assume he would go to Venezuela, since he accompanies the politician there, but that country is too restless, and Sheiman is no longer a young man. In favor of the Cuban direction seems to militate the reason that after his resignation from the post of the head of the Directorate of the President , Sheiman flew there as a Special Envoy, where on July 3 he met with Manuel Marrero Cruz, Cuban Prime Minister, as the politician posted on Twitter.

«He will be in Cuba in the near future as a kind of emissary for economic projects. In addition, it is said that he has a serious illness, which he will try to treat, being in Cuba constantly in one of the Cuban clinics. Adan Chavez is currently Venezuela’s ambassador to Cuba. He may help him stay on the Island of Liberty,»– the sources reported.

By the way, accepting the resignation of Sheiman, Lukashenko promised to offer him several options for work this summer, but in the meantime he asked to continue to deal with Cuba, Venezuela and Africa. There is no official information about the sending of Sheiman yet, but adding all the facts together, it can be assumed that soon Lukashenko’s associate may get a new job with small responsibilities on the Island of Liberty in the Caribbean Sea.

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