40 thousand school students in Minsk will wear a unified school uniform

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На русском языке: 40 тысяч школьников в Минске будут одеты в единую школьную форму
На беларускай мове: 40 тысяч школьнікаў у Мінску будуць апранутыя ў адзіную школьную форму

The information of iSANS Belarus has been confirmed: 40,000 school students in Minsk will be dressed in a unified school uniform

Bellegprom presented samples of uniforms for the capital’s educational institutions to the Minsk City Executive Committee today.

It is reported that the uniform will be first introduced in school No.48 and gymnasium No.36 in Minsk, where students will conduct an «trial wearing of the uniform.»

In total, clothing samples for three age groups have been developed:

  • junior school group (grades 1-4);
  • senior school group (grades 5-8);
  • teenage school group (grades 9-11).
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