The EU extends part of the sanctions imposed against Russia on the regime in Belarus

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На русском языке: ЕС расширил часть санкций против РФ и на режим в Беларуси
На беларускай мове: ЕС пашырыў частку санкцый супраць РФ і на рэжым у Беларусі

The EU extended part of the Russian sanctions on the Belarusian economy due to the complicity of the Lukashenka regime in Russia’s war against Ukraine, the EU Council said.

In particular, it imposes a ban on:

  • Exports of maritime navigation goods and technologies, luxury goods and technologies for use in oil refining and natural gas liquefaction to Belarus;
  • Import of gold, diamonds, helium, coal and mineral products, including crude oil,  from Belarus to the EU;
  • Provision of services: the EU bans the provision of accounting, auditing, tax consulting, architectural, engineering, and IT consulting services, legal advisory, advertising services, etc. to individuals and legal entities linked to the Lukashenka regime.

The EU also extends the ban on transportation of goods by trailers and semi-trailers with Belarusian license plates on the territory of the EU. Now Belarusian semi-trailers and trailers will be prohibited to be transported across the EU even when hauled by trucks registered in other countries.

In addition, EU exporters will now be obliged to prescribe in contracts a ban on the re-exportation to Belarus or re-exportation for use in Belarus of sensitive goods and technology, battlefield goods, firearms and ammunition.

  • Ban on transit of aviation, space and defense industry goods and weapons through Belarus

The EU will prohibit the transit via the territory of Belarus of dual-use goods and technologies, goods and technologies which might contribute to Belarus’ military and technological enhancement or to the development of its defence and security sector, goods which could contribute to the enhancement of Belarusian industrial capacities, goods and technologies for use in the aviation or space industry, as well as arms exported from the EU.

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