A deputy to the European Parliament: «The violence unleashed by Lukahsenka is a revenge before the regime’s collapse»

Viola Cramon
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На русском языке: Депутатка Европарламента: «Насилие Лукашенко — это месть перед неизбежным крахом режима»

Viola von Cramon-Taubadel, a member of the European Parliament from Germany, made a speech where she reminded the deputies that Lukashenka is a dictator who should go to a court. On her Twitter, she wrote: «Lukashenka is NOT a president, he is a crook who stole the elections. No phone call from Merkel or anyone else can change this fact».

Here’s a transcript of the speech by Viola von Cramon-Taubadel:

«900 political prisoners, 40.000 arrested protesters, 280 liquidated NGOs, hundreds of shut down media, journalists thrown into jails, lawyers stripped of licenses. This is the reality of people of Belarus.

Only because we do not hear their stories anymore does not mean that the terror in Belarus has stopped. On the contrary, the terror is finding new ways to oppress and crash everyone with the most inhuman way.  But bear in mind, the violence unleashed by Lukashenka is not a sign of strength, it is a desperate revenge before the regime’s collapse. Revenge on us, on our unwavering support for the people of Belarus, and attempt of Lukashenka and Putin to destabilize and divide the EU.

This is why Belavia carried out 600 extra flights and abused the hopes of most vulnerable people from the Middle East. Belarusian officials charged huge amount before trapping the desperate refugees between Police batons and barbed wire.

This is a definition of human trafficking, a crime against humanity. Those few here, and in some capitals, who are still naive enough to legitimize Lukashenka with a phone call, still naive enough to think that Putin is not the mastermind, they need to realize that the only language dictators understand is the language of strict sanctions and punishment. Lukashenka belongs to tribunal. Zhyvie Belarus! [Long live Belarus]»

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