A visitor from Belarus was diagnosed with Omicron in Israel

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На русском языке: В Израиле обнаружили «омикрон» у приехавшего из Беларуси
На беларускай мове: У Ізраілі выявілі «амікрон» у чалавека, які прыехаў з Беларусі

An Israeli publication The Jerusalem Post reports that according to the Ministry of Health of Israel, as at December 10, 35 confirmed cases of a new strain of coronavirus were found in the country.

Of all the cases, 24 people have recently returned from abroad: South Africa, England, France, the United Arab Emirates, the United States and Belarus. Another 52 cases in the country have not yet been confirmed, and 31 of those who are infected or suspected of being infected have symptoms, the 41st is asymptomatic, and there’s no data about the rest yet.

As at December 10, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus did not report the detection of cases of  Omicron strain in Belarus. And in early December, Dmitry Pinevich, the head of the Ministry of Health, said that Belarus has all the capabilities to detect a new strain of COVID-19.

«We are fully prepared to find this strain, if there is one. Let me remind you that when the delta strain appeared, we reported it the same hour», –Pinevich said.

It is impossible to say unequivocally where a person who returned from Belarus got infected, due to the lack of additional details and information. As the White Coats telegram channel notes, if the information is confirmed, it turns out that «Israel has discovered the first case of the Omicron variant of coronavirus in Belarus earlier than Belarus itself».

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