Belarus introduces licensing of a number of imported goods from Ukraine

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На русском языке: Беларусь вводит лицензирование ряда импортных товаров из Украины
На беларускай мове: Беларусь уводзіць ліцэнзаванне шэрагу імпартных тавараў з Украіны

The Council of Ministers published Resolution №702 of December 7, 2021 «On Licensing the Import of Certain Types of Goods». According to it, Belarus introduces licensing of imports of certain groups of goods from Ukraine. The document says that this is due to «Ukraine’s systematic violation of the principles of free trade».

Ukrainian goods that will be subject to licensing at import into the Republic of Belarus:

  • sugar confectionery (including white chocolate);
  • chocolate and other ready-made food products containing cocoa;
  • sweet biscuits;
  • beer;
  • particle boards;
  • fibreboards;
  • wallpaper and similar wall coverings;
  • toilet paper, certain types of cardboard and paper packaging;
  • building brick made of ceramics;
  • glazed ceramic tiles;
  • sanitary-technical ceramics goods;
  • glass ampoules;
  • other radiators and their parts made of ferrous metals;
  • agricultural machines for soil preparation and cultivation and their parts;
  • washing machines;
  • seat furniture and its parts;
  • other furniture and its parts.

Thus, the import of goods will be carried out under one-time licenses issued by MART in coordination with the concerns Bellesbumprom, Belgospischeprom and others.

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