Ammunition is produced near Minsk by Precision Electromechanics Plant?
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На русском языке: Производство боеприпасов находится под Минском, а делает их ЗТЭМ?
На беларускай мове: Вытворчасць боепрыпасаў знаходзіцца пад Мінскам, а робіць іх ЗДЭМ?

Today Lukashenko visited one of the enterprises of the military industrial complex in Minsk region, where he was shown the production of Belarusian ammunition. It’s notable that his press service didn’t say where exactly the production was located and didn’t even write the enterprise’s name.

However, we managed to determine that today Lukashenko visited one of the production facilities of the Precision Electromechanics Plant, which is located near Lenina village (Dziarzhynsk district, Minsk region).

Ammunition is produced near Minsk by Precision Electromechanics Plant?

Lukashenko’s visit to the Precision Electromechanics Plant near Stankava / Belarusian Hajun

His helicopter landed at around 10:05 at the parking lot near the Stankava ecological tourism center, which is located 2 km from the assembly site of the Precision Electromechanics Plant.

Apparently, he got to the territory of the enterprise by car. There he visited the hangars, where he was shown some samples of ammunition, and gave interviews next to military equipment.

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