Destruction of illegal armed groups is being practiced near Gomel and Brest

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The Ministry of Defense of Belarus told about the course of Russian-Belarusian  «Union Resolve – 2022» drills.

Russian motorized rifle units practice destroying an illegal armed formation at the «Brestski» training ground. Belarusian units of special operations forces and Russian motorized rifle units guard facilities in order to prevent the escape of illegal armed groups.

In the «Gomel» area, units of special operations forces and Russian paratroopers are practicing the tasks of searching for, blocking and destroying sabotage and reconnaissance groups and illegal armed groups. The sections of the State border are reinforced by units of Russian airborne troops.

Tasks of defensive combat are being practiced at the «Gozhski» training ground.

Mechanized units of the Belarusian Armed Forces and units of the Russian Marines conduct training operations on maneuver defense lines in the «Baranavichy» area.

Russian anti-aircraft missile units provide air cover for troops and carry out air defence missions in the «Luninets» area. Attack aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces is practising air support to defending troops using aerial weapons at the «Ruzhanski» airfield.

The drills are also conducted in the areas «Maryina Horka», «Asipovichy», «Mazyr», «Rechitsa» and «Pinsk».


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