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На русском языке: Флагшток: На прошлой неделе в Печах застрелился срочник
На беларускай мове: Флагшток: На мінулым тыдні ў Печах застрэліўся тэрміновай службы

On August 4, the Telegram channel “Posmotri, Brekhnya?” reported that according to preliminary information, a conscript soldier shot himself in one of the military units of Minsk region, and this information was further confirmed.

A conscript soldier of the 72nd joint training center in Piechy, Barysau district, committed suicide. Homel media Flagshtok managed to talk to one of soldiers that serve in this military unit.

«On the night of August 3-4, a paratrooper guy shot himself. He took some specific cartridge out of the firing training, there was no head left. They say he didn’t want to join the army. He tried to evade service. But they took him. They found some of his notes or poems recently. They started to work on him. The chief ideologist, Pechennik, went after him. And after that the guy shot himself,» the media quotes the soldier.

It’s notable that neither the Ministry of Defense of Belarus nor the 72nd training center reported on the incident.

According to our data, the deceased soldier’s name was Illya.

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