Found a replacement? Engines for BelAZ will be produced by Ural DEP

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На русском языке: Нашли замену? Двигатели для БелАЗ будет производить Уральский ДМЗ
На беларускай мове: Знайшлі замену? Рухавікі для БелАЗ будзе вырабляць Уральскі ДМЗ

Engines for BelAZ dump trucks will be produced by the Ural Diesel and Engine Plant, Yury Nazarov, the Deputy Prime Minister, told BelTA. Due to sanctions, European manufacturers have ceased to supply spare parts for mining dump trucks, so the company is forced to look for alternative suppliers. A contract was signed with the Ural DEP for the supply of 139 engine sets.

Apparently, this does not particularly solve the problems of enterprises that arose as a result of sanctions, because in parallel they are working on the issue of producing their own engines for BelAZ, MTZ, Gomselmash equipment. They are planned to be produced at the Minsk Motor Plant together with an unnamed Chinese company.

Recall that in early September, the American corporation Cummins, one of the main suppliers of engines for BelAZ, stopped cooperation with the enterprise due to sanctions. The German company MTU Friedrichshafen also refused to cooperate. It supplied engines for the heaviest model among dump trucks, the 450-tons BELAZ-75710.

Earlier, Becker Group, Liebherr and Danfoss broke off relations with BelAZ. Germany’s Becker Group, which supplied industrial paints and other products through its distributor Geramatic OY, said:

«After the introduction of EU sanctions against BelAZ, Beckers Group ceased all operations with BelAZ and any persons associated or controlled by BelAZ starting from July 9, 2021».

Danish group Danfoss said it had «stopped business that did not comply with the sanctions rules». Liebherr, another German company, which used to supply gear cutting machines and other equipment for BelAZ, also confirmed that its «policy (is) to comply with applicable rules and regulations».

According to our information, after the refusal of European and American suppliers to sell engines for BelAZ, the company began to supply its cars without engines at all.

«There’s a rumor that BelAZ deftly circumvents the sanctions, sending cars for customers without engines (we are talking about Cummins), and the engines come directly from Cummins to the customer of the machine. Already on the spot, the seconded employees of BelAZ produce the final assembly».

«BelAZ plans to sell equipment without engines. And after the customer purchases of the engine, to send specialists to the installation. The idea is that customers are not under sanctions and engines (comings and rollers) will be sold to them».

We were reported that in attempt to find at least some replacement, the company even gathered people on a business trip to the Russian Tutayev to the Tutayevsky Engine Plant, where Chinese engines are produced, but as far as we know the trip did not take place.

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