Gryzlov announced the creation of a joint body of Belarus and Russia to control taxes

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Belarus and Russia will create an integrated body to control taxes, while the tax legislation itself will be unified as much as possible. Boris Gryzlov, the Russian ambassador to Belarus, said this in an interview with Russia 24. According to him, customs and tax legislation are the priorities in the implementation of Union programs to deepen integration in 2022.

«Probably, the most important task in the field of economics is the unification of tax and customs legislation. This is given maximum importance today. The idea is that there will be a joint integrated body to control taxes. And tax legislation will be unified as much as possible. I can also say that the issues of customs relations are very important, and we already have a body that is created by the customs of the two countries, which can already be called an integrated body,»  he said.

He emphasized Russia’s assistance to the Belarusian economy. According to him, the Russian Federation is ready to take Belarusian cargoes from Klaipeda this year, and the price of gas supplied to Belarus makes domestic products competitive.

«Also, of course, a unified oil market will be discussed. I think that this is a matter of 2023, but a unified approach to tax and customs legislation – this is a matter of this year,» he said.


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