Heads of parliaments of four EU states call for immediate introduction of new sanctions against Belarus

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На русском языке: Главы парламентов четырех стран ЕС призвали немедленно ввести новые санкции против Беларуси
На беларускай мове: Кіраўнікі парламентаў чатырох краін ЕС заклікалі неадкладна ўвесці новыя санкцыі супраць Беларусі

The heads of the parliaments of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia issued a joint statement in which they called for the immediate application of a new sanctions package against the Lukashenka regime. The speakers of the parliaments of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia have adopted a joint position on the border situation in order to strengthen the actions of their governments.

The joint statement says that the aggressive actions of the illegal regime of Alexander Lukashenko have reached an unprecedented level. «They provoke a crisis at the external borders of the EU, threaten the security of the entire region and deliberately endanger the lives of defenseless people. This is a violation of international law and political obligations, as well as a violation of fundamental human rights»,– the speakers said.

Parliamentarians strongly condemn migration, which is sponsored by the Belarusian regime and artificially created as part of hybrid operations directed against Poland, Lithuania and Latvia, and therefore the entire European Union for political purposes.

The speakers of the four countries also called on the international community, in particular the countries of origin and transit of migrants, to resolutely oppose these actions, to take the necessary steps to prevent the Belarusian authorities from forcing migrants to illegally cross the EU border and to disable the regime in Belarus responsible for these violations.

They also called for the immediate introduction of a new sanctions package agreed at the meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the European Union member states against individuals and entities involved in the activities of the Lukashenka regime aimed at facilitating illegal border crossings.

"The instrumentalization of migrants for political purposes cannot be tolerated. If such actions continue, the EU should consider further sanctions in accordance with its principle of sanctions gradation",– they said.

In the statement, the politicians stressed that «the responsibility for resolving the situation at the border lies entirely with the illegal regime of Alexander Lukashenka, and the EU and its member states should continue to be guided by joint decisions and political positions adopted by the Council of Europe and the Foreign Affairs Council».

«We strongly believe that there is an urgent need to adapt EU legislation to the new realities in order to ensure strong protection of the EU’s external borders and to ensure effective measures to prevent illegal border crossings. Therefore, we look forward to European Proposal on adapting the EU legal framework through concrete and appropriate measures, financial support to enhance border security and thus, strengthen the EU’s external borders»,– the speakers wrote.

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