Hospitals in Minsk region reduce beds for COVID-19 patients

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На русском языке: В больницах Минской области сокращают койкоместа для больных COVID-19
На беларускай мове: У бальніцах Мінскай вобласці скарачаюць колькасць ложкаў для хворых COVID-19

In Soligorsk, without any explanation, the children’s regional covid department in the skin-venerologic dispensary on Kozlova Street, 6, which was opened only 10 days ago, was closed. One of the residents of the city wrote about this in social networks.

The woman writes that children at the age from 3 weeks were treated in a skin-venerologic dispensary together with their mothers in separate wards of 1-2 people, in comfortable conditions. But suddenly, everyone was gathered and in ambulances, where there were up to 12 people, were transported to an adult hospital, where the conditions of stay are not suitable for babies.

«We didn’t wait for the doctor on duty at the evening round. There are 8 people in the room. The conditions do not correspond to the treatment of babies. The medical staff specializes in adult patients. There are seriously ill adults in neighboring wards. Only the pediatrician was left. How can she work in such conditions and competently perform assistance? There are no sheets for children, there are no pillows. […] Bed linen is in blood, there’re torn sheets and duvet covers. There is no cleaning either in the evening or in the morning. Broken glass is under the beds. Is there really no place for kids in our city? Why or for whom was the department opened, so that in 10 days it was closed and we were placed in a completely different environment? Who is responsible for this and makes such rash decisions? The level of sick children does not decrease», – the woman wrote.

At the disposal of the editorial staff of was the Order on the re-profiling of the bed fund of November 8, 2021 signed by Natalya Boyarskaya. It orders to reduce the bed capacity in hospitals of the Minsk region, and then disinfect the premises and resume hospitalization of patients in accordance with medical indications.

According to the order, in order to effectively use the beds taking into account the epidemic situation, it is necessary to reduce the bed capacity of inpatient departments where patients with COVID-19 are treated:

  • Minsk Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital – by 20 beds for children and 40 for adults from November 8, 2021;
  • Soligorsk Central District Hospital – by 30 beds from November 8, 2021;
  • Zhodino Central City Hospital – by 20 beds from November 9, 2021;
  • Vileika Central District Hospital – by 20 beds from November 8, 2021;
  • Cherven Central District Hospital – by 20 beds from November 9, 2021;
  • Myadel Central District Hospital – by 20 beds from November 8, 2021;
  • Smolevichi Central District Hospital – by 25 beds from November 10, 2021.

Hospitals in Minsk region reduce beds for COVID-19 patients


Control over the implementation of this order is entrusted to Zinovy Gozman, the first deputy head of the main department for Health Care of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee.

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