Korean experts continue to advise Belarus on digitalization

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The Ministry of Economy of Belarus held an online meeting of representatives of the Korean Development Institute and the Ministry of Industry of Belarus, the press service of the Ministry of Economy reports.

The meeting was held within the KSP 2021-22 project «Digital transformation of the Belarusian economy: introduction of the best practices of cooperation between business and public sector in the field of digital transformation of the industrial sector», it provides for consultations of Korean experts on the digitalization of the real sector of the Belarusian economy.

During the negotiations, the parties clarified the details of building relationships between the Ministry of Industry and industrial enterprises of Belarus – there are 170 of them in total. This information will be taken into account when preparing recommendations for digital transformation.

The participants agreed to continue in-depth consultations through the exchange of questionnaires and letters through the Ministry of Economy.

The Korean party expressed interest in holding such online consultations with the Ministries of Communications and Education, HTP, the State Committee for Science and Technology. They are scheduled for February 2022.

Source: Reform.by

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