Leaks: Kovalev agrees to land a plane with an «IT specialist» who threatens Balaba?

Sourse: "Cyber dumps" (t.me/cpartisans_dumps)
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На русском языке: Слив: Ковалев договаривается посадить самолет «айтишника», который угрожал Балабе?
На беларускай мове: Зліў: Кавалёў дамаўляецца пасадзіць самалёт «айцішнiка», які пагражаў Балабе?

Cyber Partisans published a leak of a conversation between alleged Andrei Kovalev (the head of the department for solving crimes in the IT sphere) and Dmitry Balaba (the head of the OMON of the Minsk City Executive Committee), in which the former promises to land a plane with an IT specialist who sent threats to the security forces from abroad.

We remind that in May, the Belarusian authorities landed a Ryanair plane in Minsk, on board of which journalists Raman Pratasevich and Safia Sapieha were flying. Human rights activists recognized them as political prisoners. In the recording published by the Cyber Partisans, it’s already about the landing of a plane flying through Russian airspace for the sake of a passenger whose name is not known to anyone except the security forces, unlike the name of Raman Pratasevich.

«I’m calling because of that bad person, an IT guy. He flies through Moscow, St. Petersburg. If you write a statement accordingly, say, to the Main Department of Personal Security or GUBOP, and we open a case, then we will land him there»,– says a voice similar to Kovalev’s.

Based on the context of the conversation, whoever the security forces want to «land» sent threatening messages to the alleged Balaba.

«Well, if the chat you sent me, where he said he’d burn everyone, you, your son, where he wrote something like this»,– says a voice similar to Kovalev’s.

«Excellent. It would be great to meet this arsonist»,– says a voice similar to Balaba’s.

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