eHealth platform starts a questions and answers week about COVID-19

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На русском языке: Платформа «еЗдоровье» запускает неделю вопросов и ответов про COVID-19
На беларускай мове: Платформа «еЗдароўе» запускае тыдзень пытанняў і адказаў пра COVID-19

Pavel Liber, the co-founder of the platform «Voice», on his Facebook page spoke about the launch of the Week of questions and answers about the coronavirus on the eHealth platform of online consultations with doctors.

According to Pavel Liber, this week the project will increase the number of specialists who will be able to answer all questions related to the coronavirus. And at the end of the week, the most popular questions and answers will be collected.

Specialists are ready to answer the following questions:

  • What can be the side effects of the vaccine?
  • Is there a dangerous age for vaccination?
  • Is it possible to combine several different vaccines?
  • Why you need to wear masks?
  • And many other.

To ask your question, you need to register on the eHealth website (in Belarus it is available through VPN) and click on the «Ask a question» button in the section «Week of questions about COVID». After that, write your question and send it. You will have a chat with your doctor, in which you will receive an answer from a specialist.

The eHealth platform works anonymously and free of charge, but anyone can make a voluntary donation.

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