Lukashenka believes that he was chosen by time to ‘sculpt’ the state

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At today’s meeting with the National Academy of Sciences, Aliaksandr Lukashenka spoke about the political situation, combining in one phrase several of his theses, including the electability and the need to survive in a terrible world.

«In this terrible world, when it is almost impossible not only to survive alone – the issues cannot be solved alone. Only together, in union and so on. We have to withstand. Time chose us, we didn’t choose. And we need to keep the statehood and the state that we have molded from what we had, and how we could,» he said, addressing scientists.

Lukashenka stressed that he was speaking to like-minded people.

«I am convinced that you, as true patriots, people with a clear civic position, understand this very well. And you understand that your success is one of the factors of national security of Belarus,» he said.

This is not the first time he has said that he sculpted Belarus. Once Aliaksandr Lukashenka said that he sculpted the state on the ruins of the empire. Last December, he said where he got the image.

«Sooner or later we have to leave, but what will happen to the country that we sculpted with our own hands? Maybe something is wrong, but we sculpted it and sculpted it as best as we could. We made it out of what we had, as the song says. We have no other country, and we need to save it,» he said in December 2021 to activists of the Mogilev region.

The lines «I made him from what I had, and then I fell in love with what I’ve got» sound in the song «Knots», which is performed by Alyona Apina. The lyrical heroine complains that she fell in love with the guy, but not the one she saw in a dream, now their relationship is tied in tight knots, everyone has their own problems. In addition to the lines about sculpting in the song, there is another refrain: «And love is only what it seems to be.»


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