Lukashenka threatened the West «to hit together with Russia so hard that they wouldn’t forget»

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Today, Aliaksandr Lukashenka issued warnings and threats to the West in Luninets district. According to him, it is better than to mess with the Union State, and if armies are deployed against it and sanctions are imposed, then Belarus and Russia «will hit so hard that they wouldn’t forget.» At the same time, he said that he was acting as the chairman of the Supreme State Council of the Union State.

«Who would have imagined that we would have to build a defense against our close people these days? To build not just a fence, but the most expensive security system on the southern borders,» he said.

Today, during a meeting on strengthening security, Lukashenka explained the reinforcement of the southern border by the unpredictability and inadequacy of the Leadership of Ukraine. He stressed that Belarus and Russia do not want war.

«I just want to say the following in this regard. Not only as the President of Belarus, but perhaps, for the first time in history as the chairman of the Supreme State Council of the Union of Belarus and Russia. I think the Russian leadership will understand me as well. What I will say will probably be consonant with their positions. We don’t want war. We don’t want war, not only because it’s hard and bad, it’s not just discomfort – it’s terrible for a person, for people and not only for military personnel. God forbid, if the war starts, it will affect everyone. So we don’t want to fight. We don’t want to, because we are people with a memory and we remember what kind of war we had, which ended seven decades ago. Well, we don’t want to fight anyway. Neither us nor the Russians,» he said.

However, if the West increases pressure, Russia and Belarus will respond.

«Therefore, those you asked about, who are worried abroad, should understand well: we don’t want war. But if we are not just constantly touched, as they are doing now, but deploy armies against us, intimidate us and put us on the verge of survival with various kinds of sanctions and so on, economic and non-economic, and even more threatening us, as they are doing now. I am speaking now as chairman of the Union State Council, and then we will hit so hard that they wouldn’t forget. Therefore, we do not need to be contacted. We cannot be defeated. And in spirit, we are such people that it is impossible to win us, and in terms of territory: from Brest to Vladivostok – many have already tried, we remember. How it ended is clear. So don’t touch us. We mind our own business, we have enough land. God bless we could save it and develop it. Those are our goals. But I repeat once again, if someone did not understand: you wouldn’t forget. I’m not threatening, I’m just warning: God forbid you!» Lukashenka said.


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