Lukashenka explained the protection of the southern border by unpredictability and inadequacy of the leadership of Ukraine

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Today, Aliaksandr Lukashenka explained the need for additional protection of the border with Ukraine by the inadequacy and unpredictability of official Kyiv. He decided to hold a meeting on strengthening military security in the Luninets district. Lukashenka called this region a «quiet and peaceful corner». According to him, 10 years ago, no one imagined that today he would create a whole military association on the southern border.

«With a heavy heart, we observe everything that is happening in Ukraine. Its current political leadership, under external control, sometimes behaves unpredictably and inadequately. Therefore, in this case of unpredictability, inadequacy, and in the event of, God forbid, military action, we need to determine. Almost 1500 km of the southern border of Belarus and Ukraine is a considerable length. Whatever it costs us, we need not only to see what will happen and is happening on this border, it must be reliably protected,» Lukashenka said.

On Monday, Aliaksandr Lukashenka has already accused Ukraine of building up its military potential on the border. At the same time, he said that the upcoming drills «Union Resolve – 2022» involve working out the plan in confronting the forces of «the West (the Baltic States and Poland) and the South (Ukraine)».


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