Media: The head of French intelligence arrived in Belarus

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На русском языке: В Беларусь прилетал глава французской разведки, — СМИ
На беларускай мове: У Беларусь прылятаў кіраўнік французскай разведкі, – СМІ

On March 24, we wrote that a business jet of the air ambulance Dassault Falcon 900EX with registration number F-HREG, owned by Airlec Air Espace, arrived in Belarus from France. The aircraft landed at 10:56 (Minsk time) at Minsk National Airport and flew back to Paris 10 hours and 35 minutes later.

The story could have ended at that point, but yesterday, April 3, Intelligence Online reported that on that day Bernard Emie, the head of the General Directorate for External Security of the French Ministry of Defense (DGSE), arrived in Belarus. According to the media, it is not the first time the DGSE has used this plane for long-distance flights. noted the article.

Media: The head of French intelligence arrived in Belarus

Bernard Emie during his visit to Minsk, March 24, 2023 / Pool via Reuters

The head of French intelligence arrived in Minsk with a group of his employees. According to the media, Minsk allowed the plane to land at Minsk National Airport only after tense negotiations, as they feared that the representative of the French special services would arrive directly from Paris in a too demonstrative manner.

Media: The head of French intelligence arrived in Belarus

The route of Dassault Falcon 900EX F-HREG from Paris to Minsk, March 24, 2023

It is reported that the negotiations in Minsk were held in an accelerated form, and Viktar Lukashenka took part in them. However, «they didn’t go as planned,» and the French team, headed by the head of the DGSE, returned to Paris the same evening after a difficult conversation.

We note that the flight of F-HREG back to Paris was scheduled in advance in the flight tracking service for 22:00, so there is no connection between the «difficult conversation» and the flight back in the evening of the same day.

Nevertheless, the next day, March 25, an interview with Vladimir Putin to Pavel Zarubin, the author of the program «Moscow. Kremlin. Putin,» was shown on the air of the TV channel Russia 1, in which Putin stated that Russia would build a storage for tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus by July 1.

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