Military training, movements of military vehicles, and Russian PMC – Belarusian Hajun Project reports on the latest changes in military activity in Belarus

Illustrative photo / Ministry of Defense of Belarus
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The Belarusian Hajun Project published a post about the latest changes in military activity on the territory of Belarus.

Joint exercise of the Belarusian and Russian Armed Forces are held in Belarus. In addition to the main locations, another one was added in Asipovichy, where three trucks of the Russian Armed Forces were seen moving from the Asipovichy training ground. Tochka-U system was seen in the forest near Sasnovy (Asipovichy district), not far from the M5 highway. In addition, some of the military units upgraded their equipment, mainly bringing more modern and powerful radio relay stations. There has been an increase in the number of radio relay stations throughout the country. This stations are located mainly in border towns and villages.

The publication Svabodnaye Slova also confirmed that a firing exercise will be held in the Rahachou district, involving a shooting range located 300 meters from the local cemetery. 

The publication Flagshtok reported that on May 27 at 16:45, Iskander missile system with «V» mark was seen in the Navabelitski district of Gomel, moving south. We could confirm that this system was spotted in Gomel, and later on the same day it moved towards the Three Sisters border crossing. Several trains were moving in the same direction at nights of May 27-29. T-90 tanks were digged in near the border checkpoint on the Russian side. Probably, Iskander system is also deployed there.

According to the available unconfirmed information, it’s possible that the military of the Russian PMC are trying to organize provocations in the border areas between Belarus and Ukraine from the Belarusian side.

The monitoring team of the Belarusian Hajun Project continues to monitor any movements and changes in military activity on the territory of Belarus.

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