Prigozhin was in Belarus yesterday and addressed mercenaries of PMC Wagner

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На русском языке: Пригожин вчера был в Беларуси и выступил перед наёмниками ЧВК «Вагнер»
На беларускай мове: Прыгожын учора быў у Беларусі і выступіў перад наймітамі ПВК «Вагнер»

A video is spread in pro-military Telegram channels, where Yevgeny Prigozhin welcomes the mercenaries “with the arrival on the Belarusian land.” Founder of PMC Wagner Dmitry Utkin was also in the video.

Everything indicates that this video was made yesterday, July 18. According to our information, Prigozhin’s plane arrived in Machulishchy at 11:05 on July 18 and left at 00:15 on July 19.

Judging by the video, it was recorded late in the evening at around 23:00. Yevgeny Prigozhin could have been at this time in the tent camp of PMC Wagner in Tsel village, where the convoys of mercenaries arrive. And after his speech, he returned to Machulishchy and flew to Russia.

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