Review of the main events of the Belarusian propaganda about the war in Ukraine for April 16 by Hajun Project

Photo: Ministry of Defense of Belarus
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На русском языке: Обзор основных событий беларусской пропаганды о войне в Украине за 16 апреля от Гаюна
На беларускай мове: Агляд асноўных падзеяў беларускай прапаганды аб вайне ва Украіне за 16 красавіка ад Гаюна

Belarusian Hajun Project published a report on Belarusian propaganda activity on the war topic for April 16.

1. In the information space, the day passed under the sign of subbotniks [days of volunteer unpaid work on weekends – ed.]. After successfully planting several trees, Khrenin, the Minister of Defense, found time to say a few words to journalists:

 «When the West aggressively imposes its opinion, there is militarization, nazism is revived, there’s flood of dirt and lies. That’s why it is important for us to preserve the historical memory. To pass it on to the next generation as a talisman.»

«[Subbotnik] is a kind of vaccination against extremism, radicalism and fascism, which is flourishing at our borders

The Minister of Defense does not specify at which borders «fascism is flourishing.» Perhaps he is referring to Russia, where you can find many signs of a fascist regime. But we shouldn’t have any illusions: most likely, he is talking about Ukraine.

The Minister of Defense talks seriously about nazis in the neighboring country, although it is highly probable that he has not visited Ukraine personally for a very long time. This once again demonstrates the diktat of Russian propaganda in the Belarusian information space.

2. New details of assistance to Ukrainian refugees have been published:

«In total, more than 200 people applied to the district organizations of the Belarusian Red Cross in Gomel region. The total amount of assistance provided in district organizations amounted to BYN 10,000.»

It is not quite clear from the content of the article for what period these statistics are given (the last week or since February 24).

By simple mathematical operations, we can figure out that each applicant received an average of BYN 50 (10,000 / 200 = 50). In equivalent it is $15 or €13,8. Judge for yourself what they can afford with such an amount of money.

This is not the first time we have noticed the state media’s coverage of assistance to Ukrainian refugees. In general, we can state that this aid does not really exist as much as the materials about it are published in the media.

The Red Cross in Belarus is an organization controlled by the Lukashenka regime, which participates in election fraud, and ‘voluntarily'(forcibly) collects membership fees from state employees.

The review is made by the monitor group of the Belarusian Hajun Project 

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