Review of the main events of the Belarusian propaganda about the war in Ukraine for April 21 by Hajun Project

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На русском языке: Обзор основных событий беларусской пропаганды о войне в Украине за 21 апреля от Гаюна
На беларускай мове: Агляд асноўных падзей беларускай прапаганды аб вайне ва Украіне за 21 красавіка ад Гаюна

The Belarusian Hajun Project published a report on Belarusian propaganda activity on the war topic for April 21.

One of the tasks announced by the Russian leadership before the start of the war in Ukraine was the denazification of Ukraine. Political scientist Malek Dudakov shared his opinion on the ongoing «denazification» process:

«We should understand that the goal of denazification is already being realized on the battlefield. Because a considerable part of all the ultra-rightists, radicals, nationalists went to the front line to fight. And they are generally being destroyed there;»

«Denazification is happening in real time.»

We note that denazification is not a new phenomenon. After the end of World War II and the work of the Potsdam Conference, a program of the four «D» was adopted for Germany: demilitarization, decartelization, denazification and democratization. The denazification process itself consisted of ‘cleansing’ postwar German society, culture, economy, education, and politics from the influence of Nazi ideology.

Obviously, such processes have nothing to do with Ukraine. This is indirectly indicated by the Russian leadership’s lack of a clear understanding of the specific tasks of denazification in Ukraine.

This topic was revealed by the political scientist whose words are quoted above. It is about the destruction of Ukrainian citizens «in real time on the battlefield.» This is how propaganda understands the term «denazification.»

The review is made by the monitor group of the Belarusian Hajun Project 

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