Sources: Statusbank was sold to Nikolai Vorobei’s structures to circumvent sanctions
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На русском языке: Источники: Статусбанк продан структурам Николая Воробья для обхода санкций
На беларускай мове: Крыніцы: Статусбанк прададзены структурам Мікалая Вераб’я для абыходу санкцый

According to the sources of @motolkohelp, sales transaction of Statusbank, which previously belonged to Eurotorg, took place two weeks ago. This information was not officially published anywhere.

According to preliminary information, the transaction was carried out without the approval of the National Bank, and the beneficiary was a pro-Lukashenka oligarch Nikolai Vorobei, but the documents will not reflect his participation, and the «official» new owners may be persons from Russia.

The deal itself might have taken place on April 10-11 in the Vorobei’s hunting reserve «Chyrvony Bor» near Vitebsk. We have already reported earlier that on those days a Leonardo AW139 helicopter with registration number RA-01695 flew to Vitebsk (earlier, this helicopter had been seen in the parking lot of the Crimean hotel Mriya Resort & Spa owned by Sberbank) and a Pilatus PC-12 NG with registration number EW-502LL, which flew to St. Petersburg after that. At the same time, a Dassault Falcon 900EX business jet with registration number RA-09610, used by Lukashenka’s sons and Nikolai Vorobei, was also in Vitebsk.

In addition, it is reported that after the deal Aleksandr Ignatov, the bank’s chairman of the board, decided (himself or was suggested – it is not clear) to leave the bank. A person from Absolutbank owned by Vorobei may be appointed to replace him. Both Absolutbank and Vorobei are already under U.S. sanctions.

If you have additional details regarding the sale of Statusbank and know who uses the boards that flew to Vitebsk, please write to @motolko_NBR_bot.

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