Review of the main events of the Belarusian propaganda about the war in Ukraine for March 23 by Hajun Project

Photo: Ministry of Defense of Belarus
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На русском языке: Обзор основных событий беларусской пропаганды о войне в Украине за 23 марта от Гаюна
На беларускай мове: Агляд асноўных падзей беларускай прапаганды аб вайне ва Украіне за 23 сакавіка ад Гаюна

Hajun Project published a report on Belarusian propaganda activity on the war topic for March 23.

1. The coverage of the service of the Belarusian Armed Forces units «to reinforce the sections of the state border of the Republic of Belarus» continues.

It is noted that servicemen are strengthening the protection of the state border «to prevent possible provocations and infiltration of sabotage and reconnaissance groups, weapons and ammunition into the territory of Belarus.» Special attention was paid to the living conditions of servicemen. In particular, the organization of meals in the field.

Such reports demonstrate non-participation of the Belarusian Armed Forces in hostilities in Ukraine. The strengthening of state border protection is dictated solely by national security goals, and is of a defensive nature.

2. The Ministry of Defense publishes videos with the hashtag #army_of_your_country, which describes the everyday life of the Armed Forces. The latest video shows the work of combat swimmers. This creates a positive image of the Armed Forces – modern, trained and able to defend the country from any military aggression.

3. Top officials travel not only to military units, but also to labor collectives. Thus, Secretary of State of the Security Council Volfovich visited Grodno region, where he met with the teaching staff of higher and secondary educational institutions and discussed the «socio-political and socio-economic situation in the region.»

Special attention was paid to the war in Ukraine, as well as to «disinformation spread in the information space by destructive forces.« Volfovich claims that the Belarusian Armed Forces do not take and do not plan to take part in combat operations in Ukraine. «We are covering our southern border against the infiltration of sabotage and reconnaissance groups, radicals and weapons into the country,» Volfovich said. It should be noted that the above tasks are the official explanation for the presence of the Belarusian Armed Forces on the border.

Volfovich also spoke about the beginning of the spring conscription campaign for military service, as well as the planned conscription of 150 reserve officers into the Armed Forces. He emphasized that these are «planned events that are held annually. There aren’t and can’t be any extraordinary measures.» However, it is necessary to note that in previous years, the number of called-up reserve officers was up to 100 people. This may testify to the lack of junior officers in the Armed Forces. 

It is also worth paying attention to the composition of the participants of the meeting – teaching staff of educational institutions (i.e. mostly educated people).

4. A video report was published about the return of the 103rd Airborne Brigade to its permanent deployment point yesterday after it successfully completed its tasks to reinforce the sections of the state border of the Republic of Belarus.


  • units conducted (among other things) reconnaissance and search operations aimed at detecting UAVs;
  • Belarusians are a single family;
  • the local population supported and helped the military on the border;
  • when guarding the border, the servicemen feel like real defenders of the Fatherland;
  • relatives feel proud of their sons serving in the Armed Forces.

The review is made by the monitor group of the Hajun Project 

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