Review of the main events of the Belarusian propaganda about the war in Ukraine for March 29 by Hajun Project

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На русском языке: Обзор основных событий беларусской пропаганды о войне в Украине за 29 марта от Гаюна

Hajun Project published a report on Belarusian propaganda activity on the war topic for March 29.

1. Work on countering «fakes» about the Belarusian Armed Forces preparing to enter the war against Ukraine continues. Another edition of the «Disposition» TV show was devoted to this topic.


  • Ukraine focuses on possible aggression on the part of Belarus for some unknown reason (for the authorities of Belarus – ed.);
  • Spreading of fakes in Ukraine is necessary not to convey the truth, but to raise the degree of tension between the countries;
  • When you don’t want to be attacked, you don’t provoke;
  • The Belarusian side, as usually, is making excuses;
  • Belarus is not going to invade Ukraine, but is ready to accept refugees.

The main conclusion that emerges after watching this story is the desire of the Belarusian authorities to be «above the fray» in Ukraine’s war against Russia. In this paradigm, the territory of Belarus is not used to attack Ukraine; Belarus is not an accomplice to aggression according to the norms of international law; and the Ukrainian side is only provoking neighboring countries to attack itself.

2. A correspondent of «Army» magazine talked to the Ukrainian women’s hacker group «Beregini». One of the members of the hacker group spoke anonymously about the interference of the Ukrainian authorities in the internal affairs of Belarus and the support and coordination of the 2020 protests.


  • A real information war has been started against Belarus and Russia;
  • The 72nd Center for Information and Psychological Operations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (CIPsO) was involved in «organizing riots and rallies during the 2020 elections, and continues to help your opposition now»;
  • The assistance is provided through «participation in the Cyber Partisans movement», as well as collecting data on representatives of the Belarusian security services.
  • also the CIPsO «prepares destructive actions against your state (Belarus) and your citizens; spreads negative news about joint exercise with Russia»;
  • One of these operations was the creation of Telegram channels in Belarus under their control. It was also planned to use them to influence Belarusians.
  • Now there are people in Belarus who leak data on the movements of the Belarusian and Russian Armed forces to the Armed Forces of Ukraine specialists in private chats.

The material is notable because it reproduces a pool of standard clichés of Belarusian propaganda, used since August 2020. Their main idea is to accuse foreign forces (including Ukraine) of destabilizing the situation in Belarus. Seems like this is an attempt to justify the possible aggression of Belarus against Ukraine. After all, «they were the first to start an information war against us» – while completely ignoring the fact that Russia (with the assistance of Belarus) started a war against Ukraine.

But there is some truthful information in the material. There are indeed many people in Belarus who report on movements of Russian troops to the Hajun Project. Here the Ukrainian hackers were right.

The review is made by the monitor group of the Hajun Project 

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