Belarusians with a D visa can be refused to sell to a bus ticket to the EU, if their visa is of a different country

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На русском языке: Беларусам с визой D могут отказаться продать билет на автобус в ЕС, если ваша виза «не той страны»
На беларускай мове: Беларусам з візай D могуць адмовіць у продажы квітка на аўтобус у ЕС, калі ў вас віза «не той краіны»

Office Life reports that Minsktrans has introduced restrictions on sale of tickets for international routes for those with type D visas. According to the publication, tickets will be sold only if visa is issued by the country of entry.

It means that now only Polish national visa holders will be able to buy a ticket for an international bus through Poland, while through Lithuania – only owners of the Lithuanian one, and through Latvia – of the Latvian one. At the same time, a passenger with the national German visa will be denied to buy a ticket for a bus from Minsk to Munich, as the bus crosses the Belarusian border with Poland.

It is reported that the new rules have been in force since September 7, and such rules are temporary. In turn, the publication was told at the bus station in Brest that no restrictions on sale of tickets had been introduced.

«We do not check visa, you are responsible for it. We sell tickets to both Belarusians and Poles without any questions,» they said at the bus station in Brest.

It is important to note that these amendments do not apply to ordinary type C visas, only to D visas.

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