Sheiman met with the head of Zimbabwe, but propaganda didn’t say a word about it

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На русском языке: Шейман встретился с главой Зимбабве, а пропаганда об этом не сказала ни слова
На беларускай мове: Шэйман у Зімбабвэ сустрэўся з прэзідэнтам і кіраўніком МЗС гэтай краіны noticed that Lukashenko’s special envoy Viktor Sheiman, who supervises the African direction, is in Zimbabwe, where he met with the country’s head Mnangagwa and Foreign Minister Shava on October 30.

However, once again Belarusian propaganda is silent about Sheiman’s visit to Africa. Zimbabwean media say that Sheiman is discussing cooperation in agriculture. In particular, it is about the construction of a modern dairy complex in Zimbabwe.

It was also reported that Sheiman is going to meet with representatives of the Ministries of agriculture and mining.

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