Situation report on military activity on the territory of Belarus for April 13 by Hajun Project

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На русском языке: Оперативная сводка от Гаюна за 13 апреля о военной активности на территории Беларуси
На беларускай мове: Аператыўная зводка ад Гаюна за 13 красавіка аб ваеннай актыўнасці на тэрыторыі Беларусі

Belarusian Hajun Project published a situation report on military activity on the territory of Belarus as of 22:00 April 13.

Russian Armed Forces columns continue to move through the territory of Belarus (1, 2, 3). The convoys consist mostly of Ural and KamAZ trucks. There are also fuel trucks, trailers, cranes, armored vehicles, and off-road vehicles of various modifications.

We can distinguish the following routes of columns’ movements:

  • Khoiniki — Brahin;
  • Kalinkavichy-Babruisk;
  • Kalinkavichy-Gomel;
  • Khoiniki — Rechitsa;
  • Luninets-Baranavichy.

Thus, movements of military equipment remain primarily in the southeastern areas of Gomel region.

Columns with Russian fighting vehicles were also recorded moving. For example, a large column of about 30 vehicles (BTR-80 KShM, BMP-2, MTLB, 122 mm-Grad MLRSs, about 10 122-mm 2S1 Gvozdika self-propelled guns) was seen in Gomel. A trailer with infantry fighting vehicle was moving along the Zhlobin-Babruisk route. Four trailers with tanks (or infantry fighting vehicles) were seen in the village of Dabryn (Yelsk district). Two trailers with TOS-1A Solntsepyok were moving from Kalinkavichy to Gomel. Later they were seen in Gomel. Three columns were moving from Naroulya to Mazyr, the vehicles were damaged.

There was flight activity at military airfields in Belarus. Seven departures were recorded in Baranavichy (training flights of the Air Force of Belarus, as well as two IL-76 transport aircraft), one departure from Lida, a passenger Tu-154 aircraft departed from Machulischy, and a group of helicopters – to the airfield of Seshcha (Bryansk oblast, Russia). We can also note the activity of the Belarusian Air Force over Grodno, in the vicinity of the border with Poland.

Activity of the Russian Armed Forces on the railroad was recorded.


Loading at railway stations:

Loaded trains were also spotted at Kalinkavichy and Gomel-Nechetny railway stations.

The story about parcels sent by Russian soldiers from Mazyr continued. It became known that 45 out of 69 parcels sent by marauder soldiers from Mazyr via CDEK disappeared from the tracking system or didn’t reach the recipients.

No strikes from Belarus on the territory of Ukraine with tactical missile systems were recorded.

Minor movements of military equipment of the Armed Forces of Belarus were spotted. For example, two MAZ trucks were seen near Shchuchyn, moving from Grodno.

If you have any additional information on the movement of military equipment on the territory of Belarus, please write to @HajunBYbot or via the contact form below.

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