State Security Service of Latvia warns of the risk of recruitment on the Belarusian and Russian borders

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Due to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and other countries, the Latvian State Security Service warns residents about the risks of attempted recruitment by Russian and Belarusian special services when crossing the borders of Russia and Belarus.

«Russian and Belarusian special services have long been expanding their intelligence activities against Latvia. Taking into account the current security situation in Europe and tensions in Western countries’ relations with Russia and Belarus, the State Security Service reminds that representatives of special services of these countries most often contact and try to recruit Latvian citizens when they visit Russia or Belarus. The first contact often takes place on the border, when representatives of secret services pretend to be border guards,» the report of the Latvian State Security Service states.

In this regard, the State Security Service urges all people who are going to cross the border of Russia or Belarus to be careful and to contact the service if:

  • You are subjected to unusual searches and questioning;
  • You are being interrogated by a person in civilian clothes, not in a border guard uniform;
  • A person asks you questions not related to the competence of the border guard, for example, about the situation in Latvia, your attitude to the events in Ukraine;
  • A person asks you personal questions: about your job, your responsibilities, your financial situation;
  • You have been falsely accused of a crime, calling for «cooperation»;
  • A person gives you a phone number to call him/her the next time you come to this country.


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