Syrian airline Cham Wings canceled all flights to Minsk

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На русском языке: Сирийская авиакомпания Cham Wings отменила все рейсы в Минск
На беларускай мове: Сірыйская авіякампанія Cham Wings адмяніла ўсе рэйсы ў Мінск

Cham Wings Airlines decided to cancel all flights from Damascus to Minsk, which since September 10 have become regular and transferred about 400 migrants a week to the EU border. Cham Wings planes flew to Minsk full, and returned to Damascus empty. Now the airline has decided to cancel all flights to the Belarusian capital «because of the critical situation at the border of Belarus and Poland and taking into account that most of the Cham Wings passengers heading to Minsk are Syrians».

«It is difficult to distinguish passengers heading to Belarus as their final destination from immigrants. Flights are immediately suspended»,– the airline said in its statement.

Syrian airline Cham Wings canceled all flights to Minsk

Earlier, we published an investigation about this airline, where we found out that Cham Wings Airlines was involved in the transportation of weapons and militants of the PMC Wagner.

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