Teachers violate the requirement of the Ministry of Health and do not let children go for 5 days without a sick leave

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На русском языке: Учителя нарушают требование Минздрава и не отпускают детей на 5 дней без справки
На беларускай мове: Настаўнікі парушаюць патрабаванне Міністэрства аховы здароўя і не адпускаюць дзяцей на 5 дзён без даведкі

Two weeks ago, a document of the Ministry of Health was published, which stated that pupils and students in their absence from classes for 5 days are not required to provide a sick leave. The measure is temporary, and is introduced due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 2 weeks have passed, but not all teachers and professors meet the requirement of the Ministry of Health. Sometimes even an application from parents that one family member has got sick with COVID-19 is not enough.

Teachers violate the requirement of the Ministry of Health and do not let children go for 5 days without a sick leave

The editors of Motolko.help are reported that this requirement of the Ministry of Health is not met in all schools.

«Teachers don’t give permission so that the child can stay at home without presenting a sick leave for up to 5 days, although not so long ago such permission was published in the news. These two cases were the day before in Bobruisk. Referred to the fact that they hadn’t heard about this and threatened to file an application to the social security that the family is dysfunctional».

There were also similar cases at Vitebsk State Technological College:

«On the question of whether it is now possible to stay at home with SARS symptoms for 5 days without bringing a sick leave, the curators answer that they haven’t received such a decision, they don’t know anything about it and threaten disciplinary sanctions for a five-day absence without a sick leave».

In some schools of Minsk, it is also not known about the new order, and children who have missed classes are required to present a sick leave.

«In the Minsk school, the teacher demanded a sick leave from the first-grader, saying that if the child was sick, then after the illness it is necessary to have a health certificate that he/she is healthy».

Sometimes even application from parents that one of the family members is sick with COVID is not enough for teachers to let the child go home immediately.

«My son was the first to know today that my mom, with whom we live together, has COVID, and wanted to leave class. The teacher did not let him: it’s the duty class, you will not go. Until you bring application from your mother, I will not believe it. I said on the phone that he was telling the truth and I would write an application, but she still didn’t let my son go until the end of the school day».

In higher education institutions, the situation is the same:

«We were told at the university, that it’s only possible with a sick leave and there are no privileges».

At the same time, the editorial office of Motolko.help receives reports of reverse cases, when children are let go home for 5 days without any problems, with a written or even oral application of parents. Apparently, everything depends on the perseverance of the school administration and specific teachers.

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