The Belarusian language will appear on Coca-Cola bottles

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На русском языке: Беларусский язык появится на бутылках Coca-Cola
На беларускай мове: На бутэльках Coca-Cola з’явіцца беларуская мова

The Belarusian language will appear on Coca-Cola bottles

Belarusian activist and lawyer Ihar Sluchak received a response that in 2022 Coca-Cola would develop new solutions for product packaging, including information for consumers in the Belarusian language. This was reported by Alina Nahornaya on Facebook.

Earlier Sluchak also received a reply from Pepsi, which said that Pepsi Max with a Belarusian-language label would appear in retail chains in the near future. And indeed, in mid-August Pepsi with the Belarusian language began to be spotted in stores.

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