The case of the management of «Nasha Niva» was sent to court

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The prosecutor’s office sent to the court a criminal case against Yahor Martsinovich, the editor-in-chief of «Nasha Niva», and Andrei Skurko, the head of the marketing and advertising department. They are charged under Part 2 of Art. 216 of the Criminal Code («Causing property damage without signs of embezzlement, committed by a group of persons by prior conspiracy or on a large scale»).

According to the prosecution, being officials of the publishing company, and Martsinovich also being the owner of the PUE, from May 2017 to June 2021 they placed the offices of these organizations in an apartment owned by Andrei Skurko. At the same time, contracts that provide for payments for housing and communal services at tariffs for legal entities were not concluded. Services were paid according to the tariffs for the population, which are defined for residential premises.

The prosecution concluded that as a result of such actions, the defendants caused damage to RUE «Minskenergo» and RUE «Minskvodokanal» in the amount of more than 10 thousand rubles (almost $4,000). Yahor Martsinovich and Andrei Skurko remain in custody. The sanction under Part 2 of Article 216 is restriction of liberty for up to five years or imprisonment for the same period.

On the eve of the transfer of the case to the court, «Nasha Niva» was recognized as an extremist formation


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