Belarus is between Zimbabwe and Bolivia in the Numbeo crime rating

Screenshot: Numbeo
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Belarus in the ranking of countries for safety for travel is located between Zimbabwe and Bolivia, this is evidenced by the data of Numbeo-2022.

According to Numbeo, Belarus took the 116th position in the ranking out of 142. According to the compilers of the rating, it is more dangerous in North Korea, Liberia, Mozambique, Nigeria than in Belarus. Venezuela was named the most dangerous country, in the second position – Papua New Guinea, in the third – Afghanistan.

Qatar was named the safest country, followed by the UAE, Taiwan, the Isle of Man and Switzerland.

In 2021, Belarus lost 98 positions in this ranking, and took the 114th position out of 135 countries, while in 2020 it was on the 16th out of 129.


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