The defendant in the «round dance case» may be transferred to the colony for leaving the open correctional institution

"Round dance case"
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Political prisoner Dmitry Abramuk, convicted in the «round dance case», may get his punishment toughened, according to the unregistered human rights center «Viasna».

He is currently being held in Vitebsk’s pre-trial detention centre No. 2, where he is awaiting trial to change his sentence.

On March 15, Dmitry was sentenced to two years of «chemistry» (open-type correctional institution) under Art. 342 of the Criminal Code. A few months later, he was sentenced to another two years of «chemistry» for insulting Aliaksandr Lukashenka. By summing up, he was sentenced to three years of «chemistry» with a referral to the Vitebsk open-type correctional institution No. 9.

In December-January, according to four reports of violations, he was placed into a punishment cell for 40 days. After returning to the «chemistry» when going to the store, he left the institution, but after 3 days he was detained and placed into the Vitebsk pre-trial detention center No. 2, where he is awaiting trial.


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