Sources: The National Bank ordered all banks to introduce commissions on foreign currency withdrawal by Russians

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На русском языке: Источники: Нацбанк приказал всем банкам ввести комиссии на снятие валюты россиянами
На беларускай мове: Крыніцы: Нацбанк загадаў усім банкам увесці камісіі на зняцце валюты расейцамі

The Belarusian banks started imposing restrictions on foreign currency withdrawal by foreign citizens according to the decision of the National Bank of Belarus. It is known that last week the National Bank held a meeting, at which banks were ordered to set commission of at least 15% for cash withdrawal from bank accounts by non-residents in the shortest possible time.

The ultimate goal is to limit the ability of Russians to carry out currency exchange transactions, not to allow foreign currency to be taken out of Belarus.

Obviously, the National Bank does not want to associate itself with this decision, so there are no official documents, everything was reported orally. But the reasons for the decision are quite weighty. In recent months, Russians began to travel to Belarus and buy dollars (and euros), making money on the exchange rate difference. Now the National Bank of Belarus is trying to literally stop the washout of currency from the country.

«Now there is such a currency scheme in Russia: buy dollars for rubles, transfer them to your foreign account, cash them out in a foreign bank, bring the cash USD back into Russia, sell them at a higher price,» the sources said.

Which banks have already imposed restrictions for non-residents (Russians)?

  • Dabrabyt Bank. 20% commission for cash withdrawal from accounts by non-residents (except for Russian rubles and salaries);
  • Alfa-Bank (Belarus). 15% commission for cash withdrawal at bank cash offices and limit for cash withdrawal from cards of non-resident banks at ATMs – 500 BYN per week;
  • MTBank. 15% commission for P2P-transfers made on services of non-resident banks and the limit for cash withdrawal from cards of non-resident banks at ATMs – 500 BYN per week;
  • VTB Bank (Belarus). The withdrawal limit for Mir cards of non-resident banks is 5 BYN.
  • BNB-Bank. Ban on P2P-transfers to bank cards from abroad in any currency.
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